Bull Riding

Age 41

Bull Riding – December 2012 – Age 41

“Milkshake” & “Lieutenant Dan”

Three day rodeo school.  www.sankeyrodeo.com  I rode two bulls.  On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the scariest, this was a 10.  My legs were black and blue (for about a month) all down my shins from the bulls crushing them as they moved back and forth in the chute as I was mounting them.  Dana came with me and watch the first ride and then the kids came to the school the next day with Granny (My-Mom, Jean Howell).  What a rush.  Glad I pushed myself to do this.  The second bull pinched a nerve or possibly broke his back as he threw me off.  His back legs were paralyzed and he crawled out of the arena using his front legs (this was very sad to watch).

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