Catch a foul ball at prof. baseball game

Age 40

Fifth Inning – Nelly Cruz hit a foul ball.  We were sitting up one level behind home plate on the front row.  When we first sat down, I remember thinking to myself that there was a possibility that a foul ball could be hit back to our section.  I even kind of walked through in my head, how I would react if that happened.  We had been invited to the game by our friends Chancy and Hayley.  I was sitting on the end next to the stairs leading down to our seats.  When the ball was hit, I stood up and took one step to the right and caught the ball bare handed with both hands like a football catch right at my chest.  My adrenaline was flowing so much that I didn’t even feel any pain.  I was so excited!  It was a weird but neat night.  One of those manifest destiny type experiences.

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