Run a Marathon 26.2

Age 40

November 2011 – Age 40

2011 NYC Marathon

11-10-2010 – Completed Application for Lottery…Lottery will be drawn sometime in April. If I’m not chosen in the lottery then complete charity request after lottery – 82 different charities – minimum to raise $2,500 – guaranteed entry

I'm In04-27-2011 – I’M IN!!! I was chosen to run in the NYC Marathon in the lottery…. I am beside myself! I was chosen to run in the NYC Marathon…..I’ve got tears in my eyes right now…..Manifest destiny!!!!!! Look at the side panel…..unbelievable. I can’t believe it. I’ve been telling everyone I was going to run this Marathon in 2011……but now it is real. Out of 90,000 people…chances of being chosen is 1 out of 11. Approximately 9% chance of being chosen.

I had already booked the flight and I had already booked the hotel……….Now I’ve been chosen…..

A reminder to go after every dream you have! Now I can’t hold back the tears…….so many emotions. I truly manifested this to happen. So much I have to learn about the universe…I’m just privileged enough to occasionally touch the surface.

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